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AK Timber Services – Portland, OR Tree Care

Welcome to AK Timber Services, LLC!

Portland Tree Care provided by AK Timber Services specializes in complete tree care for Portland Metro and surrounding areas. At AK Timber Services, we believe in providing quality tree services to help residential and commercial customers maintain visibly pleasing facades to increase property value while preventing tree related liabilities. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by taking the time to have a conversation with our customers about their needs, wants, and expectations.


Why is Tree Care Important?

Trees provide habitat and food sources for wildlife, shade from the summer sun, protection against wind and storms, privacy and delineate property lines, and a sense of nature in our urban Portland environment by adding color and beauty to our homes and workplaces. Trees also absorb pollution, help fight global warming and add a significant increase (making up between 5% and 20%) to a home’s value.

Protect your home, protect the environment, protect the people around you.

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Why Choose AK Timber Services for tree care?

AK Timber Services specializes in complete tree care: tree pruning, hazardous and dangerous tree removal, emergency tree care services, tree planting, cabling and bracing, stump grinding, and plant health care.

AK Timber Services strongly believes in the training of our arborists in the correct way to prune or remove trees. In doing so we have take pride in our safety practices.  We are committed excellent customer service and tree care in our community serving the Portland and surrounding areas.


Why AK Timber Services Stands Out?

AK Timber Services strives to be eco-friendly and green. We use non-petroleum based oil, which is vegetable based, biodegradable, and plant friendly; eliminate paper waste through encouraging paperless transactions whenever possible and convenient for our customers; recycle job site wood waste by turning it into wood chips, firewood, and/or lumber. We work closely with local gardens and donate wood chips to several locations across the Portland Metro area. We take into consideration our fuel use and attempt to schedule jobs and bids based on site locations, which are grouped close together in proximity. AK Timber Services isn’t only concerned with the trees on the designated job site; we want to ensure we’re doing our part by promoting environmentally responsible practices.

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