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3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Neglect Your Trees

By AK Timber in Tree Care

Trees are some of the most beautiful things on the face of the earth. They can be short and beautiful, with flowering buds and sweet scents or they can be tall and strong, sheltering your home from high winds, sun, and pollution. No matter what type of tree you have, you want to ensure that you take care of them. Why? A tree that is left to stand without any help can be extremely dangerous.

Now, that doesn’t always mean that your health is in danger. Sometimes, it can mean that your trees themselves are in danger. You want to ensure that you know enough about your trees to know when something is wrong with them – and then you know enough to take action as soon as possible.

By knowing your trees, and having a tree care expert on speed dial, you can avoid some of those problems. If you don’t? Here are some of the things you may face:

3. Your House Could Be Damaged

  • Falling branches do a lot of damage
  • Trees can grow into basements or outdoor fixtures
  • Certain disease or infestations can transfer to home

When trees aren’t properly taken care of, you might fail to notice that a branch has died, was broken, is infested, or has some other problem that might render the structural integrity unsafe. When there is a storm of any kind with high winds or heavy precipitation, there is a chance that the branch could break. The branch falling by itself might not seem dangerous – but if you have anything in the vicinity of the tree, then you might have a problem. Pools, hardscaping, walkways, cars, sheds, your home, people, power lines, or anything else in the way of the tree could face a problem.

It can also harm the price of your home if you are looking to sell it – trees can add a lot of worth.

According to House Logic, “A mature tree can account for as much as 10% of your assessed property value, depending on your market,” which means that you will actually be lowering the price of your property if you don’t take care of your trees.

2. It Costs More To Fix

  • Trimming and pruning takes more time
  • Need harsher chemicals to fix infestations
  • Takes much longer until the tree is beautiful again

If you have just moved into a home where the trees were neglected or you are just starting to worry about your trees, you might want to find a way to bring that tree back. The truth is that trees are extremely hardy and they should be able to come back from even the worst neglect – but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy to get them where you want to get them to be.

Sadly, neglect adds up over time. What might have started as a problem on one part of the tree might spread to another part of the tree quite quickly. When your problems compound, you will have to go through more steps to get it healthy again. We tend to think that it is worth it.

Sometimes, you will be able to save your tree. It will cost money to save it, unfortunately. That is why we recommend seeking the help of a professional that will find the best ways to fix your problem.

The Impatient Farmer warns that, “In other circumstances, however, you may want to remove [the tree]. Trees that are weak and prone to breakage pose a hazard to property, people, and animals. Those with shallow roots can cause lawn damage. Trees infested by disease or insects may pass on their infestations to neighboring trees. Trees that are 50% or more damaged usually should be removed.”

1. You Could Kill Your Tree

  • Young trees need the most help
  • Sometimes leaving your tree be is helpful
  • Still, you need to know what your tree looks like healthy

If you neglect your tree for too long, there is a chance that it will die. Trees are living things and if something does go wrong, they will need help to feel better and stand as strong as they once did. It is especially important to monitor your trees in the winter months and during the spring, when they are doing the most work.

It is also important that you take care of your tree after you do any work on it, when you have any visible problems, and right after the tree was planted in your yard. It doesn’t take long to look over them – just do a few laps around your yard.

Remember, Canopy explains why you need to be careful when you plant the tree: “The first five years are critical for the long-term health of a tree. Proper watering, pruning, and other tree care will ensure a healthy, mature tree and drastically reduce future maintenance costs.” Make sure never to neglect a tree once you plant it, as this is the most important period.

Taking care of your trees is something that you need to do, whether you have a potted tree in your living room or a high standing tree in your yard. It just doesn’t make sense not to take care of them – they are a part of your life and do enough to help you breathe clean air.

Contact AK Timber Services for all of your tree care needs – we can help you at any stage of the tree process, from planting and taking care of your tree to pruning and cutting it down to watering. Of course, we can also help you with any questions about whether or not you can remove trees or debris from your yard. Call us today at (360) 635-1076 for all of your tree care needs – we offer free estimates. No matter what, make sure that you do not take tree trimming into your own hands, as this can cause quite a bit of damage.

Header photo courtesy of mark byzewski on Flickr!