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7 Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in Vancouver, WA

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Weather is unpredictable, especially in the Vancouver area. You never know when something is going to happen that will prevent you from getting your chores or To Do List done. Last year, a family wasn’t able to get a Christmas tree because they waited too long and the bad weather prevented them from getting the kind of tree they wanted. Do not be the person that has to settle for the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Instead, start shopping early. When you got a Christmas Tree farm where you can cut down your own tree, it will last the entire season.

Take a look at some of the farms that offer this service:

1. Farrell Farms

Credit: Farrell

Credit: Farrell

If you are looking for a little bit of family fun while you are selecting your Christmas tree, consider going to Farrell Farms. This 150 acre Christmas Tree Farm has the country atmosphere along with some of the most beautiful Noble, Nordman, or Grand Fir Christmas trees. All of the trees here are meticulously groomed and cared for, ensuring that whichever one you pick, you will have a tree that lasts a long time.

You are also able to purchase wreaths and beautiful greenery to bring the joy of a Christmas Tree into other areas of your home.

While you are selecting your tree you can drink cider or hot chocolate while enjoying a candy cane by the campfire.

2. Larwick’s Christmas Tree Farm

The Larwick U-cut Christmas Tree Farm has been a favorite since 1990, when 500 Douglas Fir seedlings were

Credit: Larwick

Credit: Larwick

planted. Now they sell a beautiful assortment of over 18,000 Douglas-Fir, Fraser, Noble, and Nordmann trees. Their 20-acre farm is a Christmas Wonderland for families of all sizes, with beautiful decorations, a Santa Gift Shop, and even visits from the man in red.

The trees are selected by you, though the staff will give you guidance over which trees will be the best pick.

On the coldest days, you can get a sweet treat and a hot drink while your tree is shaken and baled. Parents also love the tree stands, wreaths, and garland that you can buy on site. it is a great way to ensure that all of your Christmas decorations are cohesive.

3. Fischer’s U-Cut Christmas Trees

Credit: Fischer's

Credit: Fischer’s

The trees at Fischer’s U-Cut Christmas Tree Farm are absolutely gorgeous, especially if you are looking for a Turkish Fir tree in Vancouver, WA. They also sell absolutely beautiful Nobles and Grand Fir trees too. Each tree is hand tended to so you know that they are the highest quality. Any trees that don’t meet their standards are used for the various crafting classes they have or for wreaths and garland, which you can also purchase. Even the stumps are used for firewood.

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time because you are going to need it to look at everything they have to offer. Consider signing up for one of their classes as well, especially the ones where you can make your own decorations.

4. Lone Cedar Tree Farm

Noble fir trees are really some of the biggest stars in the Christmas tree world. They are full, lush, green, and

Credit: Lone Cedar

Credit: Lone Cedar

extremely fragrant. Not only that but they tend to stay alive a lot longer than other types of trees.

For the family that is looking for an experience, but maybe not one that lasts all day, the Lone Cedar Tree Farm has Christmas trees that will match any style. Trees range from small (4 feet) to larger (12 feet and over).

It’s really simple: you park in their parking lot, find the tree you want, cut it down (or have someone cut it down for you), shake and bale the tree, and get on your way. They’ll even help you load your tree.

If it gets too cold out there, make sure to take some time to warm your hands by the fire.

5. Tree Wisemans

Credit: Tree Wisemans

Credit: Tree Wisemans

If you are looking for a tree that is large and ready to be decorated with hundreds of decorations and yards of garland, then you might want to head over to Tree Wisemans. They specialize in growing trees that are taller, some even going up to 15 or 16 feet. These trees are specially taken care of so that they are healthy and ready for cutting – they aren’t the “freaks” that grew a little bit taller than the rest. Choose from Douglas-Fir, Fraser, Grand, and Noble.

Services to their trees include flocking, fire retarding, and baling. They will also help you attach the tree to your car.

People love to come here because of cleanliness and the friendliness of the staff that really brings in the Christmas season. Espresso and hot chocolate on weekends are available on weekends.

6. Thortons’ Treeland

For kids, there is no place better than Thortons’ Treeland. Not only do they get to select a Christmas tree, but they

Credit: Thortons'

Credit: Thortons’

also get to partake in a petting zoo, walk around an old barn, listen to Christmas music, take a hay ride, and go shopping in a hand crafted gift shop. For them, there is no place better to be, even if they have to be bundled up.

Choose from Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand Fir, and Noble Fir.

Parents love Thortons’ because everything is clean, there is no mud, and the trees are fantastic. Their trees range from short to extremely tall, so everyone can find something here. There is even a small number of layered nobles. As an added bonus, there is even a Christmas tree stand called the “Marriage Saving Tree Stand” which helps make that process easier.

7. LA Center Farms

Credit: LA Center

Credit: LA Center

If you are interested in starting a tradition, consider going to one of the most scenic Christmas tree farms in all of Vancouver, LA Center Christmas Tree Farm. They have a family-friendly atmosphere with just a little bit of Christmas mischief hidden amongst the soaring trees. With over 70-acres, you are sure to find something that you’ll love.

You get to cut down your own tree here, choosing one from among thousands of Douglas, Grand, and Noble Fir. Once you’ve selected your tree, they will shake and bale it. For children, hot cocoa and cartoons will keep them occupied.

Make sure to check on their website for a coupon.

AK Timber Keeps You In Line For The Rest of The Year

Your trees are important, all of them. When you are thinking about your Christmas tree, don’t forget about your live trees. When the temperature turns cold, your trees aren’t given the chance to thrive. We can help you situate your soil and prepare for the cold season. Even better, we can help you make it so that your trees won’t experience too much damage during the winter season.

Whether this means we need to trim them so that they don’t fall on a wire or we need to treat them for an infestation of something trying to get warm this winter, you need to take care of your trees. Give us a call and we will be able to give you a free estimate for our work.

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