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7 Places for Outdoor Furniture and Decor in Vancouver

By AK Timber in Outdoor Design

Though we don’t always get a lot of time to enjoy it, our patios deserve to have furniture that is high quality and comfortable. Having all of that really makes it that much more special to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Still, we have a lot of different weather here in Vancouver, so you need to have furniture that can withstand it all. That isn’t as easy to find as you would think. Sometimes you really need to dig and look around at different stores.

For people who regularly go to big box stores that have furniture in boxes that you can assemble with a single tool, it might seem strange to go to some of these stores and see what great furniture really looks like:

1. Arctic Spas

Credit: Arctic Spas

Credit: Arctic Spas

Many people around the Vancouver area know that Arctic Spas is a great place to go for your spa and pool needs, but what some people don’t realize is that it is also an extremely good place for patio furniture as well.

In fact, they boast that they have the largest patio furniture selection in all of Vancouver. You are able to find more modern looking furniture or you can find traditional furniture that will fit any budget. Of course, their furniture is good for around pools, which means that of course it will stand up to the elements.

Their selection of name brand furniture cannot be missed, so make sure to put this on your list of places to shop.

2.  Vancouver Woodworks

Credit: Vancouver Woodworks

Credit: Vancouver Woodworks

Vancouver Woodworks is the type of place the you recommend to your friends. Their furniture sometimes requires a little bit more work, because you have to put oil on them so that they last, but it is worth it. In fact, it was one of the most recommended furniture around because of just how high quality it is.

While the work mostly with indoor furniture, there are some outdoor options (or furniture you can make outdoor) that will appease your need for craftsman furniture.

This is a family business, so you know that when you go shopping here you are supporting people who are giving back to the community and working hard – not come big company with headquarters somewhere else.

3. Metal Art Bells

Credit: Metal Art Bells

Credit: Metal Art Bells

While this place doesn’t sell patio furniture, it does sell patio decor, which is something we haven’t really talked about yet. Metal Art Bells is a small business with handmade bells that sound as good as they look.

The best part about Metal Art Bells is that you can get a personalized bell that matches your style, colors, and even your personality. There aren’t many people who can make bells like this anymore – or anything like this really – so you should really take advantage of it. They make really great conversation pieces that will last you for a long time. Plus, they make a great tool to call your kids home, they are that loud.

Please note that 2016 is the last year for this company, so make sure you get your soon – or you won’t get the chance anymore.

4. Stonewood Design

Credit: Stonewood

Credit: Stonewood

Stonewood Design Center is another place that can give you some of the best decor for your patio. What is patio furniture if it doesn’t have anything nice to sit on top of? Stonewood Design gives you great options for the flooring and base of your patio.

From natural stone to beautiful wood, the choice is really yours as to what you want to do for your outdoor area. Stonewood Design also sells a ton of other outdoor and indoor finishings that will add a touch of luxury to your yard, patio, and home.

Even better, the staff at Stonewood Design is extremely friendly and really helps you in any problems you have, providing solutions that work for you.

5. Premier Patios

Credit: Premier Patios

Credit: Premier Patios

Premier Patios offers up a piece of patio furniture/equipment that we haven’t talked about yet, awnings. Now, awnings are considered by some people to be more of an older type of addition to your porch or patio but don’t listen to anyone who says that.

Awnings are a great way to control the temperature on your porch and patio. They also look really great and add a touch of style and class to your yard. Awnings, especially the kind at Premier Patios, also aren’t what you really think they would be – no more aluminum things you lower and raise. If you were looking for a patio umbrella, for example, consider something a little more unique.

6. Perch Furniture

Credit: Perch

Credit: Perch

Perch Furniture is another great option that we have in the Vancouver area. They build custom furniture that you can get as personalized as you want. This means that you should be able to get personalized outdoor furniture as well.

Everything at Perch is made with extreme quality in mind so that it lasts a long time, no matter what you put it through. In order to make something safe for outdoors, you’ll likely have to select a fabric that is graded for outdoor use, but you will still have to put it in a place where it gets some protection.

If you have the choice to do something personalized, why not take it?

7. Grant Michael Industrial and Antiques

Credit: Grant Michael

Credit: Grant Michael

We are going to warn you that with Grant Michael Industrial and Antiques, it is going to be incredibly hit and miss with what you can get for outdoors. However, if you do go and find something extraordinary, you can thank us later.

This store has some of the best options for people who are looking for something that is a little more unique or out there. They take antiques or strange furniture, fix it up so that it is actually usable, and then sell it. Of course, this isn’t the place for people who need everything to look the same, because it just isn’t going to happen.

If you are lucky enough to find something that can go outdoors, make sure to scoop it up right away.

Make Room For Your Patio Furniture

Are you thinking of creating an outdoor oasis in your yard but have a ton of trees or stumps in the way? AK Timber Services can help you clear your land so that you can have the patio of your dreams.

If you already have your patio, we can remove trees so that you get more sunlight, clean them up so that you don’t have tree debris falling all over them, or we can plant new trees so that you can some shade protection.

You’ve read above how much we value customer service and quality, so we strive to give that to our clients as well.

No matter what you need, give us a call and we can give you an estimate.

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