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8 Best Places to Buy Trees in Vancouver

By AK Timber in Blog

At least to us a AK Timber Services, trees are among the most important things you can buy to make your house into a home, your job into a business, or a patch of grass into a park. Trees are so vitally important and beautiful that we think people should take the time out each year and plant at least one tree somewhere. Not only do they help keep our air clean, save us on air conditioning bills, and add interest to our yards, but they also protect you from intruders, provide food, and even give something fun for your children. If you want to buy quality trees that stick around for a long time, try some from these businesses:

1. Portland Nursery

Photo Credit: Portland Nursery

Photo Credit: Portland Nursery

Portland Nursery is one of the premiere locations for not only flowers and garden ornaments, but also trees and shrubs. They offer a vast selection of constantly changing trees that are well taken care of and up to the standards that you need.

Portland Nursery also offers classes and events that help you learn about things like planting trees, when to plant, tree care, and even events specifically aimed at children. If you want fruit trees, Portland Nursery will help you in making decisions based on your yard.

Check out their website for a list of the different events and classes that they have – your backyard will thank you!

2. Means Nursery

Means Nursery is another standard for many people who live in our area. From fresh fruit trees and shrubs to

Photo Credit: Means Nursery

Photo Credit: Means Nursery

beautiful statuesque trees that will stand in your yard for years to come, you can pretty much find anything that you’d want here.

Not only plants, Means Nursery is also a great resource for anyone who is having troubles with plants, especially fruit plants. They specialize in fruit products, which means that it is a great place for beginners to try out. You should also check out their selection of azaleas – they are gorgeous!

Make sure you check out the specials that they have, as you can always get something at quite a steal!

3. Cornell Farm

Photo Credit: Cornell Farm

Photo Credit: Cornell Farm

If you are looking for a place to buy trees in Portland, Vancouver, and the surrounding areas that is absolutely gorgeous, then Cornell Farm might just be the best place you can go – it is stunning.

From the minute you pull up, you will notice brilliant splashes of color and remarkable shocks of green that will have you dreaming up a garden that you’d never be able to take care of. Cornell Farms offers up a vast selection of fine quality products, including everything you need to plant trees, take care of them, and of course the trees themselves.

Make sure to give yourself ample time to walk around Cornell Farm, as they have a ton of stuff to see. You should also engage in a conversation with the workers, as they are all highly knowledgeable about what is going on in the tree section of their store.

4. New Leaf Greenhouse

New Leaf Greenhouse is another great option because it is one of the nurseries that gives back to the community.

Photo Credit: New Leaf Greenhouse

Photo Credit: New Leaf Greenhouse

They help to earn money for local schools and organizations through fundraisers and special events.

New Leaf also offers a ton of great products to both wholesalers and individuals. However, they are only open from March through August, so you will have a little bit of time to plan out what you want. From there, you can go in and purchase whatever they have for sale, and the selection is constantly changing and rotating, so you’ll be able to find something new every time you go.

The staff at New Leaf Greenhouse is incredibly smart and quick to help you solve problems. They have a good selection of shrubs and smaller plants that work great for backyards that don’t have too much room, but want to make beautiful.

5. Arai Nursery

Photo Credit: Arai Nursery

Photo Credit: Arai Nursery

Arai Nursery is another great option, especially for people who want charm and some hands on attention. The standout at Arai, other than their quality plants, is the customer service. You will never find someone who went to Arai and wasn’t treated like a VIP. They will help you with any problems you have, teach you how to take care of your plants, and even offer up some great conversation – and that’s all before you make a purchase!

Arai offers up a lot of different options for trees, from the strange and beautiful to the helpful but rare.

Your breath will be taken away when you see all of the colors and shapes that these plants can take – you definitely won’t find them at any of place on the list!


6. Garden Frog Nursery

Besides having a really cool name, Garden Frog Nursery is also a really cool place to shop. When you go to their

Photo Credit: Garden Frog Nursery

Photo Credit: Garden Frog Nursery

website, you might be a little underwhelmed, but that is only because they spend more time working on their plants than they do building a website.

Garden Frog offers up a bunch of different trees, shrubs, and plants that can help you transform your backyard. Their ornamental trees are definitely the highlight here, as they will transform your yard quickly and easily. The team there is willing to walk you through everything from planting to taking care of the trees, so you don’t have to worry about going in as a novice.

Make sure you take a little time to really walk around and enjoy everything from the sweet smell of flowers to the sound of bees buzzing – it is all beautiful!

7. Thicket

Photo Credit: Thicket

Photo Credit: Thicket

Thicket is a little bit different from the other businesses on the list, so it is probably best to let them describe it on their own. According to their website, “Thicket is a garden boutique filled with a lush selection of flowers and plants along with a clever assortment of vintage ephemera and modern craft curated to inspire life lived in the garden.”

They are extremely helpful, offering up tips and tricks on the blog, willing to talk you through just about anything when you are taking care of their shrubs and plants, and even helping you find something special to make your garden stand out.

If you have some time to kill or you just want to check out one of the coolest shops around, you should definitely try Thicket!

I’ve Planted a Tree – Now What?

Once you have gone out and planted a tree, you are probably wondering what you need to do next. The first think you should really do is find a business that will help you to take care of your trees. AK Timber Services does just that. We help you prevent any problems with your trees, clean them up so they look beautiful, and when that sad day comes, we can ever help you remove your tree.

We treat each customer with the respect that they deserve and work hard to get you the best possible results. After all, we love trees just as much as you do. If you would like to get an estimate or talk to us about a problem with your trees, you can contact us today.

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