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8 Places for Fencing in Vancouver

By AK Timber in Outdoor Design

Fences are one of those things that just takes a little bit of stress off of you. They help with security, keep your young children from running onto the street if you take your eyes off of them, allow you to let your dog out in the yard without having to worry, and even keeps lose animals and people from getting into your yard if you have a pool.

Still, fences are quite the investment and choosing a contractor shouldn’t be a quick decision. Instead, you should look at multiple companies with proven records to see if they can give you what you want. Start with these eight:

1. Fenceman Company

Credit: Fenceman

Credit: Fenceman

Despite sounding like some kind of villain in a Goosebumps book, Fenceman is actually one of the best fencing contractors in all of Vancouver. They’ve been building high-quality fences for the last 35 years and show no signs of stopping. Part of this is because they have such a good reputation of being fair and reliable to their customers. They are actually the heroes when it comes to fencing.

Working with commercial and residential customers, they are one of the only specialty fencing stores around. While they have a large amount of wood and chain link fencing material in store, they can also order special items. They offer up free estimates for their installations.

Their uniqueness is in the fact that they build on C-Posts. This means that the fences will stand up to 60 MPH winds.

2. Pioneer Fence

Credit: Pioneer

Credit: Pioneer

When you call up Pioneer Fence for a consultation, they will immediately ask you what you want to do with your fencing. From your answer, they will start to build an idea about your fence that will fulfill all of your requirements. They work diligently to ensure that if you want a fence for security, you are going to get a secure fence. If you want a fence for decor, they will get you a beautiful fence.

They work with a ton of different styles, even blending them together beautifully. Since fencing isn’t the only thing that they do, you can even get a complete make-over of your backyard from Pioneer.

3. DJ Fence Service

Credit: DJ Fence

Credit: DJ Fence

Sometimes you don’t need to be a huge company to really make an impact on the fencing industry. DJ Fence Service works with wood, vinyl, chain link, and ornamental fencing for residential or commercial fencing installations. They do honest, reliable work that will stand up to the elements. Not only that, but they are aware of your time and will always show up when they say they will.

If you have more space, they also work on field fences, post and rail fences, barbed wire, and gates. That work is just as high quality as the residential and commercial fencing.

As an added bonus, if you already have a fence, they will look into repairing it before they will try to sell you on a new one.

4. Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking

Often, the reason people start to look for a fence is because they are getting a pool and learn they have to have a

Credit: Rick's

Credit: Rick’s

fence for safety reasons. If this is the case for you, looking for a contractor that does both fencing and decking is a good way to go. By doing this, you will have the same materials, tools, and style of craftsmanship for both.

It will also save you a lot of stress.

Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking is one of those companies.

They build absolutely gorgeous decks and fences, working diligently to ensure that their customers are happy. Not only that, they will build fencing of any kind to go around the perimeter of your property, from wooden privacy fences to ornamental aluminum.

5. Able Fence Company

Credit: Able

Credit: Able

If you’ve got a bit of a tough job to do, Able Fence Company is the place for you to look. After all, their logo is, “If we’re not able, it can’t be done!” For the most part, this is true. They are able to put gorgeous fencing in places that are quite tough. They can even build custom designs for people who want to mix styles or try something new.

With 35 years of experience, they have a lot of experience in making people happy. Their fences are durable and will last you for decades. In part, this is because they use only the best materials.

If you are a little low on cash, they have tons of financing options that can help you out as well.

6. Superior Fence & Construction

Superior Fence & Construction is one of the premier fencing companies in the Vancouver area. They work

Credit: Superior

Credit: Superior

with chainlink, wood fencing & repair, vinyl, precast concrete, farm, ornamental steel, and aluminum fences for both residential and commercial needs.

In addition, they will repair fences of all kinds for those clients. If the job is too big, they offer up rental fencing and automated entry systems. Their emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for industrial & commercial clients needing temporary fence rental where security or fence repair is an issue.

7. Lifetime Fence

Credit: Lifetime

Credit: Lifetime

If you are looking to DIY your fencing, which you shouldn’t really do unless you know what you are doing, Lifetime Fence is one of the best companies to purchase your materials from. Not only are they trusted by many of the companies on this list, but they are a favorite of people even a few states over.

They will quote you for their materials and even offer up suggestions on how to build the fence. They’ve been a leader regionally for over 20 years, so they know their way around fencing materials.

If you know how to install a fence on your own, give this company a go.

8. Lane Fence Company

Details are important to Lane Fence Company. They ensure that every single square inch of your wood, vinyl, chain


Credit: Lane

link, or ornamental iron fence is perfectly installed. They will even create custom designs so that you get the best possible product.

If you don’t know what you want, Lane Fence Company will walk you through almost every step, helping you without talking down to you. Even after they are done, they will answer any questions you have about maintenance.

If you want a gorgeous gate, they can custom design those as well.


Call AK Timber Services for Fence Maintenance

After you have a fence installed, the work doesn’t end. You’ll have to do a thorough job cleaning your fence so that things like chemicals and natural debris don’t ruin the fencing or just make it look a lot worse.

While some of that will be up to you, AK Timber Services can help you with some of it. Trees and fences are a little bit like oil and vinegar – they really don’t mix that well. Trees can drop debris onto the fence, which in serious cases can cause weaknesses and in lesser cases cause staining.

The worst is a branch that has fallen, however. One branch can cause feet of damage and even take down an entire fence if it falls during a storm. If you have a suspect branch dangling over your fence or just want to clean up so nothing happens, give us a call today.

Header photo courtesy of Mr. Gray on Flickr!