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8 Scary Things to Get Checked Before Winter

By AK Timber in Seasonal

You can feel it in the air, especially in the mornings, that winter is just around the corner. When the weather gets colder, you start to have a new set of problems. Last month we talked about things that you could do during the fall to get ready but you might not want to do by yourself. This month, we are going to highlight the things that you really should have a professional take a look at.

These are things that require someone with training and experience to take care of, no matter how severe or easy the fix is. Taking care of some things on this list will make your life a lot easier if the winter, even if we don’t necessarily expect to get weather that is too awful.

Take a look and decide what you need to get taken care of before the cold hits:

1. Your Chimney by Matchbox Chimney Sweep

Credit: Matchbox

Credit: Matchbox

Throughout the winter, your chimney will start to develop accumulation on the inside that can be bothersome at best and downright dangerous at worst. You have to get your chimney cleaned properly, both the inside and outside, before you burn. This is a time-consuming job if it hasn’t been done in a few years, and it takes a practiced hand to do so without ruining anything.

At Matchbox Chimney Sweep, they have equipment for chimneys large and small, including “a RoVac vacuum system, with HEPA filtration, to ensure that our work is done in a clean and professional manner.” They will also look out for the integrity of your chimney. If they think you need repairs, they will point you in the right direction.

2. Your Car by Ron’s Automotive

Winter months mean that your car needs to be performing at its absolute best or you might not be safe when

Credit: Ron's Automotive

Credit: Ron’s Automotive

traveling. Ice, snow, and even debris left on the road can become increasingly dangerous as the temperatures drop, especially if you drive at night.

The team at Ron’s Automotive will work with you to prepare your car for the season. They know that getting your car fixed and tuned-up isn’t always the best. Still, the knowledgeable and friendly staff makes it a lot easier to deal with. They also provide vehicle shuttle services and have snacks while you wait.

If you do find yourself in an accident, give them a call for their 24-hour towing services.

3. Your Plumbing by All County Plumbing

Credit: All County

Credit: All County

This next idea is incredibly important if you like to leave the Vancouver area and go somewhere warmer during the cold months. We’ve all seen it happen to other people and we don’t think it could happen to us – but it happens a lot more frequently than you’d think. Plumbing breaks more often during the winter months because of freezing water that expands.

If something were to happen, call All County Plumbing and they will help you take care of it. Their team is well qualified to handle jobs of any size and their expertise makes solving the problem easier.

However, if you can stop the problem before it starts, that would be even better. Getting routine maintenance to problematic pipes or just an inspection to see if there are any problems is in your best interests. Give All County a call today to take advantage of their amazing team.

4. Your Wiring by Compass Electrician

While terrible storms are rare, there have been times when people lost their electric during a pretty severe storm

Credit: Compass

Credit: Compass

during the winter months. When this happens, you can lose your lights, your refrigerator, and your clocks. If you don’t have a generator, it is bad news. Even worse, once you lose your electric and it comes back, it can reveal problems that were previously hidden.

Compass Electric LLC is a local electrical contractor that does extremely efficient work. Their team is fully trained and insured in the newest and best ways to handle jobs of any size. Everyone is extremely friendly, walking and talking you through some of the problems that might have emerged and telling you how to avoid them, if possible.

They can also do installation work if you think the time is now for something new and fun.

5. Your Gutters by Right Way Gutters

Credit: Right Way Gutters

Credit: Right Way Gutters

All throughout the year, debris hangs around inside your gutters. Thanks to the beautiful weather we have here, people do tend to take care of their gutters. Still, sometimes people forget that sitting water can develop during the winter months when things start to freeze up, and that sitting water can spell big trouble.

Right Way Gutters is a local business that will clean and repair your gutters for you. Their team is adept at spotting damage and fixing it before it can get too bad. Typically these are minor repairs like bending, warping, or lose installation points. They can also install gutters in different colors and finishes if yours a looking a little worse for the wear.

Make sure to ask them about how your roof looks as well, or you might need the next company…

6. Your Roof by Legit Roofing

If you have something unfortunate happen with your home during this season, you are going to want to get a new


Credit: Legit Roofing

roof as soon as possible. A poor roof or a poorly insulated roof can really bring up your heating bills and allow your house to have that “damp” feeling that no one likes.

Legit Roofing, which is located in Vancouver, is a full-service roofing company that many people have gotten stellar results from. They are committed to their job, working around problems and continuing tirelessly until everything is as you had hoped.

According to their website: “Each Legit Roofing project is custom-designed to meet our clients’ individual needs, and all of our materials and products are of the highest quality. Our employees are all trained in a wide variety of roofing applications and safety standards. When you need roofing services, look no further than Legit Roofing.”

7. Your Furnace by Dan’s Top Notch

Your furnace is pretty much the star of the winter season. It helps to keep the chill out of your home, making it a safe

Credit: Dan's Top Notch

Credit: Dan’s Top Notch

haven away from the elements. That is part of what makes this season so cheerful. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about testing out their heater until that chill is already in the air. This season, stay ahead of the curve and check sooner. Even better, get maintenance to ensure that it works at its best.

Dan’s Top Notch Heating is a local business that does impressive work. They have annual maintenance packages that will have your HVAC system working like new again. If they spot problems, it will probably be a money-saver in the long run because they can fix it now instead of when it gets worse. Everyone on the team is extremely nice and, more importantly, educated in all the tricks and techniques that they need to be.

8. Your Trees by AK Timber Services

Credit: AK

Credit: AK

Trees are beautiful but dangerous things, especially when ice and snow starts to fall. Unfortunately, there are too many instances of “everything would have been okay but that tree fell and things got really bad.” Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent something like that from happening.

The first is that you can get an inspection by a certified and insured team, like the one at AK Timber Services. Then, you can have the problem areas fixed. It is that simple. Sometimes our team won’t find any problems. Sometimes it will be something simple and easy like a limb hanging too close to wires or a dead limb that should be removed. Sometimes it isn’t as easy, like an entire tree that needs to come down. Still, our team is equipped to handle any and all of that.

Emergency Tree Service in Vancouver, WA

Even if you don’t heed our warnings and get your trees checked in the fall, we will still be there for you. After a storm, you might need help with emergency clean up or emergency tree removal. Instead of stressing over trying to figure it all out yourself, reach out to our team and we will help you – we are only a call away.

Header photo courtesy of Taz on Flickr!