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9 Pond Companies in Vancouver

By AK Timber in Hardscaping

Your yard is your playground, your little slice of heaven, and your peace of mind. Whether you use your backyard for fun and parties or you go out there to just escape the rest of the world, you have a right to create a space that you can truly feel at peace in, there is something that can add to that overall appeal. Ponds are a great addition to any backyard because you can personalize them as you see fit. They can be as crazy and over the top as you want them to be or they can be modernized and sleek for a completely different feel.

No matter what approach you want to take, your pond needs to be installed properly and with skilled hands. If you want to go with a company that is reliable, which you should, you need to work with some of the local favorites. Try one of these:

1. Tranquility Ponds

Credit: Tranquility Ponds

Credit: Tranquility Ponds

Tranquility Ponds is a full-service pond contractor that works on everything from pond installation to pond maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about any problems popping up as you go. This company in particular creates some absolutely gorgeous natural looking ponds that fit in with many different yards.

Their ponds can be large or small and made to fit into your yard. They are great at coming up with solutions for problematic areas that are too steep, too rocky, or just don’t work for ponds. Not only that, but they can do it quickly and efficiently.

2. Watershed Pond Supplies

If you already have a pond installed, then you probably want to get accessories to make it look its best. Watershed

Credit: Watershed Pond Supply

Credit: Watershed Pond Supply

Pond Supplies is one of the best options in the Vancouver area because they go above and beyond. Not only do they only stock the best supplies, but they tell you how and where to use them. They won’t try to sell you something if it doesn’t work, and if you have any problems, they will work with you to solve the problem.

Even if you only need a few plants or some stones, Watershed Pond Supplies is worth the trip. You’ll likely see some things to give you ideas to really make your pond your own.

3. Pond Doctor

Credit: Pond Doctor

Credit: Pond Doctor

With over 15 years of experience, Pond Doctor is a “mobile consulting and water garden contracting company providing customized planning and maintenance services.” They work with everything related to ponds in order to give you a full experience. Not only will they install ponds, they will add fish and plants in order to pull it together.

They will also work with ponds that have already been installed but need a little bit of help. From fixing the filtration system to working to restore order if things go wrong, they will be there to help you. Even if you didn’t get the pond from them, they are willing to help you out.

Even if you didn’t get the pond from them, they are willing to help you out.


4. Waterscene

Credit: Waterscene

Credit: Waterscene

Working with both commercial and residential properties, Waterscene builds absolutely stunning ponds of all sizes,

shapes, and depths. They will take your vision and make it a reality, listening to your needs and making realistic promises.

From ponds to water gardens, they will install just about anything you want. They even specialize in pondless waterfalls which are a great compromise for people who want a water element in their yards but don’t want to add the danger of a pond. This makes it a good idea for people who have pets or young children.

5. All Fixes Handyman

Credit: All Fixes Handyman

Credit: All Fixes Handyman

We’ve highlight All Fixes Handyman before, but really, there is no reason not to do it again when they work on absolutely gorgeous ponds. While most often they are known for some of their other hardscaping working, their ponds are absolutely gorgeous. If your pond is going to be part of a bigger yard plan, why not go with a company that does it all?

Whether you are looking for one small thing to make your yard better or you are looking for a complete renovation that just happens to include a pond, All Fixes Handyman might just be the way to go.


6. Portland Pond Cleaning

Credit: Portland Pond Cleaning

Credit: Portland Pond Cleaning

Fountains, waterfalls, stone, cement, vinyl, and whatever else you can imagine has one big problem: they get dirty.

Pond water can get filled with algae, outside elements can put debris into the water, and animals can use your pond as a bathtub. Over time, no matter how great your pond is, it will get dirty. Portland Pond Cleaning can help you get your pond back to normal.

From cleaning out individual lines so that your fountains are strong again to making it safe for your fish. From one time cleanings to fall cleanings to routine maintenance, Portland Pond Cleaning will get you back on track.

7. Northwest Landscape and Pond Supply

Credit: Northwest Supply

Credit: Northwest Supply

If you’d like to build your own pond, which isn’t recommended unless you know what you are doing, or you want to add some special elements on your own, there is one great place to go: Northwest Landscape and Pond Supply. They have everything from decorative stone to put around the outside of your pond to weather safe statuary and lights that will add interest to the pond.

If you don’t have a big enough budget to get something that is as unique as some of the other ponds on this list, this could be a compromise. Get something a little basic and add your own touches for half the price.

8. Cambie Water Gardens


Credit: Cambie

A water garden is slightly different than a pond. Instead of focusing on the water and the movement of the water, it focuses on the plants. Cambie Water Gardens makes absolutely gorgeous water gardens that bring color, interest, texture, scent, and even animals into your pond. From lily pads to moss, they carefully select the best plants for the Vancouver area.

They can also help you add plants to a pond you already have if you want to add some interest. Not only that, but they will build on to a pond you already have so that you can have your water garden and pond together.

9. SheerWater Pond Supply

Credit: SheerWater

Credit: SheerWater

SheerWater Pond Supply is one of the best resources for fish supplies in the entire area. If you decide to get a koi pond or another type of fish pond, you will start to understand that fish are also an investment. You’ll pay for the best fish (don’t just go to a pet store) and you’ll want to keep everything in order to keep them alive. You will also fall in love with these fish.

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to walk around at SheerWater because you are going to need it.

AK Timber Services is a Pond’s Best Friend

Before you get a pond, you might have to do some land clearing. Whether this means you want to cut down a tree or two, you need to get a stump removed, or you just need to cut back on some branches, you are going to need help. AK Timber Services will help you to get that land cleared quickly so that you can get your pond.

After your pond has been installed, you may have gathered that keeping it clean is sometimes difficult. We can help to remove the branches or trees that are creating a problem for you – especially in fall.

Give us a call today and we will give you a free estimate.

Header photo is courtesy of F. D. Richards on Flickr!