Tree Care Services of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

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Tree Care Services of Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon

At AK Timber Services trees are more than our way of business, they are our way to a better environment. Trees add so much to our surroundings and environment. We truly believe that trees can help to enhance the quality of our lives. Every tree, every site, every customer is different. Because of this we strive to provide you with personalized care to meet your needs and expectations while caring for and keeping your trees beautiful and living a long and healthy life. Our goal is to keep you informed every step of the way while getting the job done safely and efficiently.

AK Timber Services is licensed, bonded, and insured. We guarantee and stand behind all of the work that we do.

AK Timber Services has professional arborists who are passionate and knowledgeable about trees and the services we offer. We stand apart from other tree service companies because we are able to align our services with the needs of our customers and their trees.

Aaron KriegerAaron Krieger, born and raised in Oregon, has studied finance and communications at both the University of Washington and Portland State University. He has been passionate about the outdoors since childhood. As a youth in Aurora, he started a landscaping company with his brothers. Since then he has become extremely knowledgeable with the Pacific Northwest’s plant life, landscape, and forests.

Aaron has also served as a wildland fire fighter for both Miller Timber of Philomath, OR and Fire Mog of Portland, OR honing his skills and knowledge in the field while becoming a Chainsaw B Certified Faller on the fireline. Not only does he work in the outdoors but he plays in the outdoors. Aaron is extremely proud to be able to turn what he is passionate about into a business.

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