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Best Vancouver Tax Preparers

By AK Timber

Right after we finish celebrating the New Year, there is a tenseness that sneaks up on us like a nightmare: tax season. For many people, it is something that we push off until the very last minute. We don’t want to have to pull everything together, sit in waiting rooms for hours, and then get asked questions that we don’t really know the answers to – and we are afraid of what might happen if we give the wrong answers.

Getting your taxes prepared can be extremely tiring and stressful if you don’t go to the right place. However, we are lucky in Vancouver that we have some of the best tax preparers in the state. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Linda’s Tax Service

Credit: Linda's

Credit: Linda’s

Linda’s Tax Service is one of the favorite tax preparation companies in Vancouver, and it is clear why when you read reviews of her services. Linda has brought together a team of tax preparers who are extensively trained and understand even the most intricate tax laws. They’ve been in business since 1997, and many of their clients have been returning since that first year.

This team is more than capable of providing several different kinds of tax services, “including personal and business taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, quarterly reports, business set up, past year taxes, all state tax returns, offer in compromise, enrolled agent, and notary public services.”

If you need help with individual taxes, business taxes, or starting a new business, this is a great team to consider.

2. Northwest Accounting & Tax Service

When you use Northwest Accounting and Tax services, you are using the expertise of 30 years with your small

Credit: Applied

Credit: Applied

business. They focus in on helping people who have small or mid-size businesses. They understand that those tax returns can be the most difficult to understand, so they set aside extra time to help you plan out your entire year so that next year, taxes won’t be as difficult.

You can also utilize their skills throughout the rest of the year when you have questions about financial needs.

Of course, this team will also help you with your individual taxes with the same determination, efficiency, and professionalism. As an added bonus, the first half hour is always free.

3. RD Tax

Credit: RD Tax

Credit: RD Tax

RD Tax, a WA EA firm, provides tax planning and prep for families and individuals in the Portland and Vancouver areas that have special needs related to investors, real estate transactions, and estates and trusts. Customer service and satisfaction are the biggest priorities for this company. No matter what time of the year it is, you can contact them for help or use the resources on their website.

According to their website, they have a “total of 112 years of experience in tax preparation. All staff members are required to attend continuing education throughout the year and as Enrolled Agents, Ralph and LaVeta must maintain at least 24 hours a year.”

Even more importantly, if they make a mistake, they are willing to take on those extra costs and correct everything to the furthest extents they can.

4. The Bearded CPA

One of the most uniquely named tax preparation companies in the United States, The Bearded CPA is better known

Credit: Bearded CPA

Credit: Bearded CPA

as Roy, a Certified Public Accountant from Vancouver, WA. He has a treasure trove of links and information on his website about taxes, including some great topics that you should take the time to peruse if you can.

He works with personal tax clients to help minimize their tax burden and get the highest possible amount back on their tax returns.

For those who need other help, he also helps owners of small businesses with their financial systems and will even help you generate wealth through your business. If you need help with bookkeeping, payroll, or other startup details, he can help you there as well.

5. Oleary Tax Service

Credit: Oleary

Credit: Oleary

Oleary Tax Service is a firm that is committed to helping clients not only get their taxes completed and get the highest possible returns, but to help them understand why and how their taxes work the way that they do. Even better, they will help you prepare for life events.

This is a team that is “committed to continuing education and research, as well as striving to be on the forefront of changes in legislation and implementation of tax law at the Federal and state levels.”

If you are looking for a firm to build a relationship with, a team that will help you through all aspects of life, then you can trust in Oleary. They will work with you through all of the major life events that you encounter, from having children to retiring.

6. Shields Tax & CPA

Credit: Shields

Credit: Shields

At Shields Tax & CPA, they know that one of the worst things in life is getting a letter from the IRS about your taxes. They will work with you if you do get one, helping you understand where you went wrong and working out a system so that you can get back on track. Even better, they will provide you with excellent service on your individual taxes.

Of course, they also offer tax preparation to sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. They can help you with accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll solutions, and help streamline start-up and ongoing business processes.

Once unique service they offer is to work with retired people to help with financial planning and taxes.

If you have some time, make sure to look on their website and read through some of the reviews, they are absolutely fantastic.

7. Allied Accounting

At Allied Accounting, they understand that tax time is extremely stressful and time-consuming. This is why they

Credit: Allied

Credit: Allied

ensure that they schedule appointments so that you have plenty of time – they won’t rush you through anything. If you have questions, they are more than willing to work with you and answer your questions to the fullest extent.

Work with the Allied Accounting team on your federal, state, and local taxes for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and businesses of all sizes. They can also help you with IRS letters, amended tax returns, tax planning, and any tax law updates.

Nothing here is done in a rush – everything is meticulously checked and sent in so that you get the most on your return.

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