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Christmas Light Installations You Have to See in Vancouver

By AK Timber in Seasonal

Every year, Christmas lights displays in Vancouver get bigger and better than they’ve ever been before – and this year is no different. Each lights display is unique and features thousands of bulbs and strands that add just a little bit more magic to the season.

From traditional displays to fanciful ones that highlight popular culture and the year behind us, you’ll find whatever you are looking for without having to travel too far.

Not every city is so lucky, so it is important that we take advantage of the opportunities we’ve been given here. When you are looking to add a little sparkle and shine to your holiday season, check out these local destinations:

1. St. Paul’s Hospital Lights of Hope

Credit: St. Paul

Credit: St. Paul

St. Paul’s Hospital Lights of Hope is a tradition within the community that was eliminated for a little while, but so many people loved it that they had to bring it back. There are over 100,000 light bulbs at this event that span a whopping amount of distance so that people aren’t crowded together.

Even better, this event is a charity campaign that helps promote the hospital and all of its endeavors. The lighting display will be up throughout December and will be open to the public.

They’ve raised millions of dollars and continue to do amazing work.

2. Northwest Window Washing

If the items on this list make you want to get your own Christmas decorations out, but it seems like too much of a

Credit: Northwest Window

Credit: Northwest Window

hassle, consider calling up Northwest Window Washing. This team of professional installers will outfit your home with as many Christmas lights as you want – from just a few strands to enough to make your yard the next great Christmas display.

Working with commercial and private properties, they will talk you through their process and decide what type of design you really want to work with. From there, they do the rest! They are the ones that test each strand of lights, climb the ladder, and ensure that the lines are straight. If lights aren’t your thing, they also have “garland, wreath, trees, topiaries, bows, ornamentals and more.”

3. The Lights of Christmas, Stanwood

Credit: The Lights of Christmas

Credit: The Lights of Christmas

With over one million Christmas lights, The Lights of Christmas in Stanwood, WA is one of the largest displays in the area and it continues to grow. This year, the spectacle will spread out over 15 acres, plenty of room for children and adults to wander around.

The even combines the lights with seasonal food, holiday shopping, children’s activities, live entertainment, and a community environment. If you are looking for something a little longer, there are even some overnight options.

There are different activities throughout the holiday season, so you might even be able to make it back a few times to experience all this place has to offer. Make sure to check out the calendar on their website to find the best activities.

4.  Christmas Ship Festival

The 2nd Annual Christmas Ship Festival parade of boats will take place this year, adding to the already special

Credit: Argosy Cruises

Credit: Argosy Cruises

tradition of Christmas lights on the water. This is a unique experience that will allow you to take in the lights from on the boat and off.

According to the website, going onto the ships offers a great experience: “Every year, the Argosy Christmas Ship sails to different Puget Sound waterfront communities, around 65 in total. Choirs on board give 20-minute performances to these communities, all broadcast via our state-of-the-art speaker system. On shore, thousands of people gather around roaring bonfires anticipating the arrival of the Christmas Ship.”

For those on the shore, you’ll get to see over 65 different ships that have been fully decked out in their Christmas finest.

5.  Garden D’Lights, Bellevue

Credit: Garden D’Lights

Credit: Garden D’Lights

The Garden D’Lights installation in Bellevue focuses on some of the most beautiful parts of our lives. The colors used throughout this display are bright and vivid, yet they  still make you think of Christmas. With over half a million lights that transform the Bellevue Botanical Garden, you are able to forget your cares for a while and just give yourself over to the magic of the season.

While the botanical garden will be a favorite with adults, there are also quite a few activities for children, so don’t be afraid to bring them.

Even if you have been to this display before, make sure to come back because it is always changing.

6. WildLights, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

If you are up for a little bit of travel, nothing beats the WildLights, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, which combines the

Credit: Woodland Park

Credit: Woodland Park

Christmas spirit with the magic of the zoo. The displays take on a unique feeling because they do center around animals and the zoo. You’ll see cheetahs and lions in towering lights displays next to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Even better, there are live reindeer and chances to bring your dog to meet Santa.

For those with children, or those that are young at heart, the indoor snowball fight is one of the most unique features on the list.

7. Christmas Lights Vancouver

Customized Christmas displays are a great way to put your entire family into the Christmas mood. However, you

Credit: Christmas Lights Vancouver

Credit: Christmas Lights Vancouver

probably don’t have all the time in the world to put together displays like some of the ones on this list. If you’d like to replicate that magic, you should consider reaching out to Christmas Lights Vancouver.

Their team will create a display for you that is unique and special, weaving together technology and classic Christmas design in a way you’ve never seen before. If you have an idea, they will take it and run with it. If you don’t have any ideas, they will walk you through a planning process where you can get what you want.

Brace Yourself – Winter is Coming

This year, the weather is predicted to be particularly tough in Vancouver. While it might mean that we get to see a white Christmas, it could also mean that your trees are in for an incredibly rough year. Make sure you are prepared for the season ahead by giving us a call and asking about our cabling and bracing services.

Cabling and bracing your trees gives them structural support that they sometimes lose due to infestations and bad weather. If you don’t want to lose your tree this year, but you know that it is going to need some help, give us a call. Our team will offer up a free estimate for how much it will cost to save your tree this year.

Header photo courtesy of RisforRndm on Flickr!