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Dead Tree Removal: What To Do

By AK Timber in Tree Care

While many people remember having trees from the time they were little, the truth is that trees are living things and that means that they aren’t going to be around forever. In fact, over time, trees will start to die slowly and you have to make decisions about what to do with them. Namely, you have to remove them.

4. Not Removing Them Isn’t an Option

  • Can bring infestations into your yard
  • Eyesore over time
  • Can harm other plants

Depending on how your tree died, you will want to get that tree out of your yard as soon as possible. Trees that succumb to diseases or infestations don’t kill the problem when they die. Instead, the cause can continue spreading throughout the rest of your yard and garden as well. Even worse, infestations and diseases can strengthen as they eat away at the material. More and more can also join in on the party – creating an even bigger problem.

Of course, you want to remove the dead tree for safety reasons as well. The tree can fall at any time (if it hasn’t already) and is more susceptible to doing so when the weather is bad, according to Ready for Wildfire.

Lastly, having a dead tree standing (or resting) in your yard is just an eyesore – you work so hard to keep everything looking great, so don’t let this keep you down.

3.  Think About How Desirable Your Tree Is

  • Some trees have ornamental value
  • May be able to save some wood
  • Can even sell some wood

One of the most important things to think about when removing a dead tree is what you want to do with the wood. For some people, using it in decorations or in new ways is exciting. Another thing you can do is put some of the smaller pieces into a compost pile or use them in other ways. Some tree care services will offer a chipping service.

In some cases, people may even buy the wood from you to use in their own projects. This might require some work from you, but it is worthwhile.

According to the University of Maryland Extension, “Undesirable trees include black locust, Siberian elm, box elder, mulberry, poplars, Bradford pear, Norway maple, tree of heaven, mimosa, empress tree, and willows. Characteristics that make some trees “undersirable” include: weak wood prone to frequent breakage, always dropping large quantities of debris, shallow roots that damage lawns and pavement, often infested with diseases or insects specific to the tree species or being an invasive species by prolific reseeding in the landscape.”

2. Quick Action May Save Money

  • Not all cases
  • May be easier as well
  • Consider professional tree care companies

Any tree that has died, whether it has lived to a ripe old age or it has had its life taken by a disease or a pest, is going to start to be structurally unsafe. This is not something that is always apparent from the outside of the tree, or even from the top of the tree at all. Instead, the roots can start to go bad, the insides can rot, or the tree might just mask it well.

When a branch falls off or the tree does fall, you might be looking at a huge problem. The tree or branch could fall on another tree, a car, your house, a pool, a fence, or even on top of a person. The damage could be immense, and it is something that you might want to avoid.

Even more importantly, some home insurance companies will force you to get the tree removed, and you won’t have time to look for the best company to do the job. According to The Law Dictionary, “Under the terms of most homeowner’s insurance policies, homeowners are required to perform any maintenance work that’s necessary to prevent significant damage to their homes. This provision is often sweeping. In fact, homeowner’s insurance companies interpret it to cover routine maintenance tasks like storm-proofing windows as well as more complicated jobs like removing potentially dangerous trees.”

1. Contact a Professional if Tree Had Disease

  • May need special tools
  • Trees can be contagious
  • Might be a health hazard

If something just seems “off” about your tree, you might want to contact a professional tree care company. This will allow you to be certain that you aren’t spreading the illness that took your tree and that you are doing what is best for your yard. Certain illnesses are much worse than others, so you have to be sure that you aren’t dealing with something that could spread way beyond your own yard. Most importantly, you don’t want to get hurt yourself.

Sometimes, a tree care company won’t be able to handle the situation by themselves. They will have to work in conjunction with local governments, pest specialists, and even home owner’s associations if the problem is that bad. While this may seem like a lot of work, it is the easiest and best way to handle bad situations.

According to Tree Help, “Large trees should be removed by a professional as guide ropes and mechanical equipment may be required for removing large limbs before felling. If a tree is being removed due to interference with utility lines, you should contact your local utility company.”

If you are in need of a go-to tree service contractor in the Vancouver area, contact AK Timber today. We are a highly trained team of skilled professionals that take tree services, including helping with dead tree removal – whether it has fallen or you need it cut down. Your trees and your safety and security mean a lot to us, so we want to do whatever we can to make you feel secure while helping you live the lifestyle that you want.

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