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Vancouver & Portland Tree Care Tips

  • Don’t top your trees. Topping is also known as hat racking or dehorning. This is not at all a standard practice of a certified arborist or ANSI standards. Research shows that topped trees actually grow more over a 5 year period when compared to trees that have been pruned properly.
  • To avoid malnutrition, be sure to give your trees an adequate amount of micro-nutrients, such as magnesium sulfate, limestone, gypsum, iron and zinc in moderation. Too much of any of these compounds could be detrimental to the life of your trees. Be sure to have a certified arborist advise you on the correct amounts of micro-nutrients to provide for the longevity and health of your trees.
  • Frost damage can be prevented if your tree’s leaves stay hydrated during a period of severe cold.
  • Borer insects are very hard to anticipate or eliminate. The best defense is simply maintaining your tree’s general health so it can recover quickly if infestation does occur.
  • Keep in mind that over watering or poor drainage eventually causes the tree’s roots to rot. If this does occur, there are fungicides and manganese treatments that can be administered.
  • Improper fertilization practices can upset a tree’s normal growth and adversely affect its health. Nitrogen will make your lawn green and grow, but too much will stress a tree. Be sure to ask Best Tree Care what the appropriate amount is to provide an equal balance for both your yard as well as your trees.
  • Oaks and American Elms can only be trimmed in the winter. If trimmed during the growing season you can spread diseases such as Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm disease. This is caused by leaving an open cut on these species of trees, thus allowing the beetle to enter the exposed fresh cut.
  • You should always use mulch around the base of a tree, but not up to the trunk. Mulch should only be a thin layer approximately 3 to 4 inches deep and not mounded up. Using mulch holds moisture for the tree, helps control weeds, and helps protects the root system from damage.
  • Don’t put yourself, other people, or structures in danger. Should cabling and bracing be necessary, make sure to have it installed only by a certified arborist to insure proper safety. Use this technique when there is a tree with multi stems, tight V crotch, a split at the trunk, weak structure or if the tree appears to be cracked below a crotch.

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