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Brush & Land Clearing

When you are looking for brush & land clearing in Vancouver, WA, you might be wondering what that entails.

AK Timber Service uses land clearing as the process of removing brush and trees from a piece of property prior to erecting a structure. The size and location of the land will determine what kind of equipment is utilized.

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    brush and land clearing in vancouverThe three most common methods of land clearing include: cut and grind, pushover, and burning.

    In the first method, trees and brush are cut down and then the remaining stumps are later ground into mulching materials.

    The pushover procedure generally requires heavy equipment, but there are no leftover stumps to grind. Employing a controlled burn is the final method.

    Reasons for Brush & Land Clearing

    When you purchase a piece of property that is densely overgrown, it will be necessary to utilize brush & land clearing procedures. Although smaller plots of land could potentially be cleared without the use of professional equipment, larger plots are more difficult.

    People clear land for a number of reasons. The most obvious is for the sake of future construction.

    However, land clearing can also increase yard size. If you have a section of yard that has become overgrown, it’s time to take it back. Call AK Timber Services at (360) 635-1076 to get your yard back, today.

    Or, if you are concerned about the potential fire hazards caused by too much overgrowth and dry brush, land clearing is an excellent option.

    By removing these things you can ensure there is nothing available to “feed” a fire. Fires are particularly devastating to home and business owners.

    And, getting rid of overgrowth can help you eliminate pest populations. Snakes, rodents, and insects are especially fond of high grass, brush, and dead trees.

    If you get that taken care of, you can save hundreds of dollars in extermination costs in the future.

    Brush & Land Clearing Pricing

    Deciding to seek professional assistance with brush & land clearing is a serious step. Keep in mind that there are some factors that determine how involved the process can be. These factors will certainly affect the pricing you encounter.

    Understand that larger spaces with dense vegetation will require far more work than their smaller counterparts. Additionally, the type of land to be cleared can have an effect on the way the equipment functions.

    So, it is highly probable that several clearing methods will be employed on one piece of property. Contact AK Timber Services to find out your options.

    Brush & land clearing in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas is available to you through our Vancouver tree care service, AK Timber Services. The owner, Aaron Krieger, was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

    He is highly knowledgeable about the plants and landscape in that area. His passion for the outdoors will shine through all that is done on your property.

    AK Timber Services has trained teams of specialists who are competent in the field of effective land clearing methodologies. They know the laws and regulations that govern those procedures.

    Their team will ensure that your property is properly cleared in preparation for future construction. Give them a call today at (360) 635-1076 for all your brush & land clearing needs.