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Emergency Tree Care

Emergency tree care in Vancouver, WA is a service you would probably rather not have to use, but if there is ever a need – particularly following a storm or other event that results in damage to your trees, we can help.

Storm damage cleanup is required at any time of year, and is often something you can’t plan for in the case of a sudden heavy snowfall or severe lightning storm. Contact us at AK Timber Services for a free estimate on our emergency tree care services by calling (360) 635-1076 or sending an e-mail today.

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    When You Will Need This Service

    emergency-tree-care-vancouverStorm season is the time of year when we get most of our calls for emergency tree care. This includes not just cleanup from trees blown over in heavy wind, branches breaking and falling under heavy snow, or trees splitting and falling after an electrical storm – but also potential damage assessment.

    Our certified arborists can inspect your property and assist with removing, pruning and trimming trees that could become hazards in a storm long before that situation occurs.

    Emergency tree service provides you with the peace of mind of no further damage to your property, and at the same time helps with insurance claims you may end up dealing with. We can help identify what caused damage and why and take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again.

    An example of why you may need to use this service is in this video of a tree split from a storm in Vancouver, Washington.

    Why Choose Us?

    AK Timber Services was established in 2011 in Vancouver, Washington, but we also service Portland, Oregon and the communities of Happy Valley, Fairview and surrounding areas.

    We live in a beautiful part of the country and desire to keep it that way, which is why our primary focus in business is to be kind to the environment in what we do. Our standards are built on the goal of reducing our footprint with each job we do and contract will complete.

    As our methods allow us to satisfy our business standards, we also strive to work with our customers to reach the finish line on each job quickly, professionally, safely and cost-efficiently. It is for these reasons that we provide cost estimates tailored to each specific job as no two risk assessment projects are the same.

    We visit the job site and formulate a price based on the work to be done, rather than by using a ‘menu price’ program.

    Nobody wants to actually have to use their property insurance coverage, but in the case of storm damage -that is one of the reasons to have it. The certified arborists at AK Timber Services are trained to work on cleanup of trees and branches damaged in a storm, and are available to provide that service in the case of an emergency.

    To find out more information all you have to do is call (360) 635-1076 or e-mail us today at AK Timber Services.