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Forest Management

Forest management in Vancouver, WA is the combination of a number of components that all work together to assist with the growth and health of trees so they can eventually be used for various products.

In other words, a properly executed forest management plan results in a multiple-use forest. At AK Timber Services, our certified arborists can assist with the planning and implementation of a management program to enhance your commercial or residential services.

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    Why Manage The Forest?

    forest-management-vancouverForests are made up of much more than trees and brush. In fact, a forest is an intricate system of life that depends on many different items to keep it in balance.

    The forest system is affected by climate and soil, often referred to as natural environmental influences, as well as the actions of man known as human action.

    A carefully planned forest, through human action, ensures that the balance remains and that the forest produces many by-products as part of the system it belongs to.

    The by-products produced by a well-managed forest includes paper fiber, timber grown for construction purposes, firewood and a number of additional items that make use of different sizes, species and characteristics of wood produced by the trees in a forest.

    At AK Timber Services we have a full understanding of the requirements of the typical forest system and can provide you with a free estimate of our forestry management program if you call (360) 635-1076 or e-mail us today.

    Why Choose Us?

    AK Timber Services has been in business since 2011 and call Vancouver, Washington our home. We also service the Portland, Oregon area along with the communities of Camas, West Linn and the surrounding regions.

    We have employed environmentally responsible practices into our daily business activities as we know first-hand the importance of protecting our forests and planet. It is for this reason we group together service calls and work diligently on conserving energy and fuel.

    In our effort to reduce our dependence on resources, we also do not have a simple flat rate pricing schedule for any of our tree services.

    At AK Timber Services we know no two jobs are alike. Thus, we personalize each price quote based entirely on the work to be done, as well as keep your budget factored into our math.

    Forestry management plans differ considerably, so we will advise you on the best way to address your plan with different options to explore. Our arborists will work with you to achieve your goals.

    Sustainable forest management is the ultimate goal of any plan that is used to create a multi use forest. It takes time, understanding of the science of ecology, plus an awareness and respect of the environment and how they fit together to make a forest sustainable.

    AK Timber Services has certified arborists on staff that study these factors and are your ‘go-to’ people for these kinds of projects. We can provide you with a free estimate just by calling (360) 635-1076 or e-mailing today to learn more about our forest management programs.