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Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree stumps may be unsightly, or could be barriers to regrowth or building. When we grind and remove tree stumps, we remove the feeder roots 12 to 15 inches below the soil level so that you may replant flowers, trees, or other shrubs in the same location.

Tree stump grinding & removal in Vancouver, WA and Portland, WA is currently offered by our AK Timber Services office – call (360) 635-1076 today to arrange an estimate.

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    The Difference Between Grinding and Removal

    stump-grinding-vancouver-waVancouver stump grinding is without a doubt the fastest, most cost effective and efficient way to dispose of a tree stump. This means that stump removal is more labor intensive, costs more and is a bigger job.

    However, depending on the size of the stump after a tree removal and where it is located, removal may be the best or only option. We can help you weigh the pros and cons to your particular situation and assist you with making the right decision.

    A giant spinning blade is used in stump grinding, and an operator lowers it as the size of the stump is reduced until it is completely gone. The wood chips produced by the grinder blade can be used elsewhere in your yard making this method a very ecological choice. Call (360) 635-1076 or e-mail us at AK Timber Services for a free estimate on our stump grinding and removal programs.

    Stump removal in Vancouver, WA involves digging into the ground and around the root ball. The amount of work required increases in relation to the size of the root ball, and once it is removed there is the matter of filling the hole left behind with soil, dirt or some other material.

    Stump removal is a job best left to professionals – and the certified arborists at AK Timber Services are completely qualified for this type of tree service.

    Why Choose Us?

    stump-removal-vancouver-waWe were established in Vancouver, Washington in 2011 and provide all types of tree services to the area, including the communities around Portland, Oregon such as Lake Oswego, Gladstone and the surrounding area.

    We have a number of core values that are applied to our work environment. They include being considerate of the environmental impact we make daily and attempt to lessen it while we work tirelessly to satisfy customers who rely on our professional services.

    Part of our professional approach includes adherence to local and regional standards, including the City of Portland Oregon Urban Forestry guidelines.

    This is why we don’t have a random schedule of prices per stump as each job is different. We prefer to visit the job site to assess the project and calculate a personalized quote based on the actual size of the stump, job requirements & budget available.

    This method also allows us to examine the health, size and location of the stumps and to determine what stump program is best for your future plans. If a stump is where you want to plant a garden, for example, grinding it may not be the best solution.

    For a personalized cost estimate call (360) 635-1076 or e-mail us today at AK Timber Services.