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Tree Health Care

There are many factors that impact the health of a tree in Vancouver, WA, and the certified arborists at AK Timber Services can identify any problem and can provide you with professional tree health care service just from a phone call or e-mail request for information.

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    Healthy Trees Are Happy Trees

    tree-health-care-vancouver-waLeaves on a tree are used to collect energy from the sun, which is converted into chemical compounds needed to keep it strong and healthy through a process you may remember from school called photosynthesis.

    When a tree receives sufficient sunlight and can access a water source it can complete a regular growth cycle with little difficulty, which results in steady growth and increased strength. Trees die when these elements are either not present, or there has been a shift in the delicate balance that sustains tree health, weakening it to where a disease or pest attack is harder for the tree to combat.

    The threats to tree health are many and can include environmental sources such as severe storms, wildfire and pollution.

    Other stresses that may impact the growth of a tree can come from attacks from pests and disease, or rot that has spread from nearby trees or vegetation. Tree health is also affected by soil conditions, poor trimming or pruning practices, and dry conditions where water is not readily available.

    Why Choose Us?

    AK Timber Services is based in Vancouver, Washington and provides service to the surrounding communities of Ridgefield, La Center as well as Portland, Oregon, and all surrounding areas. We have been in business since 2011 and have incorporated various practices into our operation that are meant to be mindful and respectful of the environment.

    It is for this reason that we follow standards set higher than many other businesses providing the same kinds of service, and we base our success on customer satisfaction.

    In addition to following all guidelines set out by various regional and national governing bodies such as the Local Tree Protection Ordinance, we also like to keep an old-fashioned spin to our various tree services.

    This means we recognize that no two tree health jobs are the same and therefore won’t cost the same price. Our professionals prefer to visit your home and property to see what work needs to be done and put together a price quote personalized to your specific requirements.

    At AK Timber Services we have found this approach works best for us as it helps to keep us accountable to you – our customers. We factor in your budget to keep our work affordable, and are only satisfied when you are that the job is done the way you expect it to be done.

    For more information on our tree health care service call (360) 635-1076 or e-mail us at AK Timber Services for your free estimate today.