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Tree Pruning

There’s a lot more to tree pruning in Vancouver, WA than giving a growing, living part of your yard a trim with clippers and shears.

That’s where certified arborists can provide you with not only the best pruning skills available – they can also save you a lot of headaches and costs associated with the job by getting it done correctly and efficiently the first time.

At AK Timber Services we have professionals on staff trained specifically on how to trim trees without stressing them or your budget in the process.

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    tree-pruning-vancouver-waOur tree specialists have the knowledge to develop and keep your trees living a long healthy and beautiful life. Proper trimming (tree pruning) is one of the best things you can do for your tree throughout its lifetime.

    • Crown cleaning
    • Crown thinning
    • Deadwood pruning
    • Crown raising
    • Structural pruning
    • Crown reduction
    • Crown restoration

    Pruning Is A Good Thing

    Tree Trimming in Vancouver, WA is a requirement for proper tree health. Essentially, in order to improve growth potential and to remove branches that may develop into problems at a later date, pruning is the method most often used.

    This practice is also very effective when used to control the size of some varieties of trees, and at AK Timber Services we can provide you with a free estimate on our pruning programs by either giving us a call at (360) 635-1076 or sending us an e-mail.

    When pruning is done at the wrong time in the tree’s growth cycle or at improper locations along branches, it may cause more damage than good. Poor pruning can result in wounds and cuts that may leave a tree susceptible to the onset of a pest attack, or worse yet – a disease that may eventually kill the tree.

    Our professional arborists are trained in proper Vancouver tree pruning techniques to prevent this from happening and to remedy situations that may result in poor tree health.

    Why Choose Us?

    tree-trimming-vancouver-waBased in Vancouver, Washington since 2011 and serving all of its surrounding areas, including Portland, Oregon, Washougal and Brush Prairie, we look at trees as an important part of our environment. That is why we apply environmentally responsible practices to our business.

    This revolves around leaving behind a smaller footprint, and we take this as seriously as we do the job you hire us for. One of the ways we do this is to group our service calls in an area to control fuel costs on vehicles and equipment.

    This is the reason why we don’t have a blanket price schedule for our tree pruning services. When it comes to pruning (or most any other job we perform, including brush clearing), we prefer to visit the job site, examine the trees that require trimming and calculating a quote based entirely on the amount of work that will be required in your yard (not the price we charged someone else with more trees).

    We find this personalizes the price and allows us to work directly with customers to keep our Vancouver tree trimming pricing within their personal budget.

    We use many different local government documents as our guide, including the City of Vancouver Street Tree Protection Ordinance to ensure our work falls within the standards set by your community. It’s one of the many details we use to provide you with satisfaction guaranteed of a job done properly.

    To find out more about our tree pruning program, call (360) 635-1076 or e-mail us at AK Timber Services today.