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Tree Risk Assessment

Tree risk assessment in Vancouver, WA is a specialized skill that requires keen observations, forward thinking and imagination to devise and explore various potential scenarios.

The risks that need to be identified focus primarily on what parts of a tree may cause damage and what kind of damage may result. The certified arborists at AK Timber Services are completely trained in all aspects of tree risk assessment, and can save you from headaches & extra insurance costs.

In fact, as part of our ongoing effort to be the undisputed go-to tree service in the Vancouver/Portland area, Aaron Krieger (owner of AK Timber Services) is fully qualified by the ISA through the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) program.

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    What Risks Are There?

    tree-risk-assessment-vancouver-waDangerous trees are the result of a variety of conditions that can either directly or indirectly affect a healthy tree.

    Some examples of indirect conditions include a tree that has grown so big that it is in danger of coming in contact with power or utility service lines, or ditch digging near a tree may have affected the soil level to the point where a tree has developed a lean.

    Examples of direct risk conditions include large dead branches not being pruned from a tree, rotting, or any other disease that has taken hold of the tree and affected the normal growth cycle.

    Once a potential risk has been identified, the Vancouver certified arborists at AK Timber Services will work with you to remedy the situation. Sometimes the answer is related to regular maintenance through trimming, pruning and fertilization programs.

    Other solutions may require more drastic measures such as limb removal or tree removal. For a free estimate for the risk assessment of your property we invite you to call (360) 635-1076 or e-mail us today at AK Timber Services.

    Why Choose Us?

    We call Vancouver, Washington our home and have been in business here since 2011. We also work in and around Portland, Oregon and the communities of Corbett, Milwaukie and surrounding area.

    Because we love what we do and where we do it, AK Timber Services has employed a number of environmentally responsible practices in how we do business. They range from paper use in the office to how much fuel we use in the field.

    These practices guide our certified arborists to do their very best as quickly and efficiently as they can with a focus on safety and affordability. Our process begins with a site inspection so we can properly calculate a cost estimate for your risk assessment based on the specific work required at your property.

    When it comes to tree risk assessment in Vancouver, there is no such thing as a blanket or standard price as each yard is unique with different issues and concerns.

    Insurance costs will be affected if you don’t take care of those dangerous trees in your yard. Something may get damaged or someone could get hurt from a falling branch or tree.

    However, with our certified arborists you are in good hands – they are all fully qualified & insured in Tree Risk Assessment. For a free estimate on the AK Timber Services risk assessment program, all you have to do is call (360) 635-1076 or e-mail us today.