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When searching for tree services in Washougal, WA, look no further than AK Timber Services.

Aaron Krieger, the owner, was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has a passion for the outdoors. He understands that trees are our way to a better environment.

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    tree service washougal waAK Timber Services is licensed, bonded, and insured for both Oregon and Washington. Our professional arborists strive to provide you with the personalized care that you and your trees deserve.

    We will keep you informed and do the job efficiently and safely. No tree service is too small. We do removal, pruning, stump grinding, treatments, and much more.


    The arborists at AK Timber Services understand how important your trees are to the environment and the atmosphere of your home. Maintaining the health of those trees is just as beneficial to you as it is to the ground they reside in.

    When it comes to protecting and preserving your trees, AK Timber Services is ready and willing to provide you with the best tree services available in your area. Specifically, we can help you with:

    Tree Removal: While removing a tree may not seem like the most desirable procedure, it is sometimes necessary. Diseased and damaged trees can be dangerous and should be taken out of your yard.

    Tree Trimming: Ensuring that large limbs will not cause damage to your home is essential to its value and your safety. Limbs that look dead or diseased should be removed. And, trimming can help facilitate new growth.

    Tree Risk Assessment: Tree specialists can help assess the risk potential of the trees on your property. If they are in need of trimming, treatment, or removal, the arborists with AK Timber Services can advise you.

    Tree Fertilization: Keeping your trees healthy is our most important job. There are times when trees aren’t getting the proper nutrients from the surrounding ground. We offer tree fertilization services to rectify this issue.

    Other Tree Care Services: No matter what your trees need, we can provide it. We do stump grinding, tree planting, and various other tree care procedures.

    Popular Neighborhoods and Service Areas in Washougal, WA

    Washougal, WA is a pretty small community. Some believe it the Pacific Northwest’s, “crossroads to discovery.” It is rich with historic value and some breathtaking scenery. AK Timber Services provides tree care to Washougal and the surrounding areas. We specifically assist those near:

    The Columbia River Gorge: Parts of this locale are protected as a National Scenic Area. It’s a popular destination for recreational activities.

    Excelsior High School: When a school can boast that 66.5% of its teachers have at least a Master’s degree, one has to be impressed. Servicing the trees in that area is a pleasure.

    Washington High School: This school’s scores in previous state writing tests show that nearly 90% of its tenth graders achieved passing results. Saving the environment through proper tree maintenance is as important to us as seeing kids pass their standardized tests.

    Campen Creek Park: Campen Creek is connected to the even bigger Eldridge Park. It’s located at 42nd Court and it is beautiful.

    Free Estimates in Washougal, WA

    If you live anywhere near Washougal Library, St. Anne’s, the East County Resource Center, or any other of the surrounding areas, AK Timber Services is prepared to meet your tree care needs. Our arborists are well trained in the plants and landscape indicative of the Pacific Northwest.

    Use our online form to contact us at (360) 635-1076, or give us a call, to schedule a no-obligation quote. We look forward to caring for you and your trees in the future.