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Vancouver Florists For a Beautiful Valentine’s Day

By AK Timber in Seasonal

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you have a lot of chances to be romantic and create a day that your beloved will never forget. In Vancouver, there are quite a few stores and shops that will allow you to give back to the community while still getting unique and beautiful gifts. The traditional gift to give to a loved one of any kind (spouse, child, parent, friend, etc.), is flowers. However, there is a lot to be researched when it comes to the florist that you choose.

Do they use fresh flowers? Where do they get the flowers from? How long do they take? Does the florist do anything out of the ordinary? What kinds of flowers are available? Do they have stuffed animals? How long do the bouquets live?

The best place to start is with some of these local florists:

1. Awesome Flowers

Keeping in line with the name, Awesome Flowers does some amazing floral arranging that will leave you in awe.

Credit: Awesome Flowers

Credit: Awesome Flowers

They focus on making arrangements that are traditional with a little bit of extra flare. This might mean that they do something unique with the greenery or they cut the flowers in a new and exciting way. It is a good way for someone who wants an arrangement that is a little different to experiment and try something new.

The team at Awesome Flowers is extremely nice and will work with you to get what you want. You can help them create something or look through their wide catalogue for something that you like. They use a lot of the traditional colors in their Valentine’s Day arrangements, but make sure to ask about some of their other floral options.

2. Heaven Scent

Credit: Heaven Scent

Credit: Heaven Scent

If you need roses, flowers, or plants in the Vancouver, WA area, another option is the hilariously named Heaven Scent. Of course, their bouquets all smell absolutely beautiful and are created with that in mind. Along with appearance, one of the best reasons to get a bouquet is to fill a room with the scent of flowers that lingers long after the bouquet is gone. The staff works with you to get a bouquet that does just that.

This team is comprised of some of the leader florists in the area who work to get your bouquet just right. Whether you want something that is a little more traditional and elegant, they have that. If you want something that is fun and funky, they have that as well.

They have online ordering as well that is safe and reliable.

3. Coventry Gardens

If you aren’t looking for only flowers for your Valentine’s Day celebration in Vancouver, WA, or you aren’t looking for

Credit: Coventry

Credit: Coventry

flowers at all, Coventry Gardens is a fantastic local company that creates gift baskets, bags, and bouquets that all include something extra. From specialty teas that will keep you warm for the rest of the season to fun British snacks, they have it all.

According to their website, “All orders are handled with special care, creativity and a bit of European Flair.”

Since 1980, Coventry Gardens of London gives you a taste of British culture without having to go to London. Thanks to this flair, many of their arrangements look and feel different from other companies. They have more modern styles in some of their arrangements and a more traditional style in others. If you want a wide variety, this is a place to start.

4. Luepke Florist

Credit: Luepke

Credit: Luepke

Since 1909, the team at Luepke Florists have been creating some of the most romantic and beautiful floral arrangements that you can find anywhere. They use precise qualifications to choose their flowers, ensuring that your bouquet will last for a long time and will stay gorgeous no matter what you want to do with them – they dry absolutely beautifully.

According to their website, “Luepke Flowers & Finds is a proud member of Real Local Florists and the Vancouver Downtown Association. We also are heavily involved in the Vancouver community and donate to Hough Foundation and SHARE.”

If you aren’t looking for Valentine’s Day and you just want to get flowers, they even have a “Flower Happy Hour” that offers all of their cut flowers for half off. This will allow you to create your own bouquet that will be special and unique – though maybe not as grand as these.

5. Fine Flowers

Handmade arrangements with love and care are easy to spot. They are the ones that have precision cut stems, perfect

Credit: Fine Flowers

Credit: Fine Flowers

blossoms, and just the right amount of greenery and filler. At Fine Flowers, each and every arrangment is beautiful and handmade.

According to their website, “You can trust our skilled florists to arrange a beautiful bouquet for your special occasion, or even create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind arrangement just for you.”

The team takes  a lot of care in creating arrangements that reflect their artistry. This company teams with Teleflora to ensure that you can order your flowers online and personalize them there. If you don’t have a lot of time, this is extremely convenient.

6. Garside Florist

Credit: Garside

Credit: Garside

The team at Garside Florist have been voted the “Best Florist” in the area for the last seven years. This is because they work to go above your expectations with amazing arrangements and bouquets that are unique, bright, and smell great. They are located in Vancouver, WA but serve the entire Clark County area, including Portland, OR. For a team that has been working for 65 years, some of their experimentation and out of the box ideas are to be commended.

This local florist gets deliveries every day of new, fresh flowers. They also carry locally grown Roses, Stargazers, Asiatic lilies, Tulips, Dahlias, Peonies and assorted greenery. Other than flowers, they have a nice selection of plants, European gardens, plush, candy and cards. 

7. Clark County Floral

If you are looking for arrangements that are absolutely breathtaking and will steal the heart of the person you love,

Credit: Clark County Florist

Credit: Clark County Florist

consider heading to Clark Country Floral. This locally owned and operated store provides excellence in all of their floral arrangements. You don’t have to worry about getting a flower that is past peak or already starting to wilt – that won’t happen here. Their customer reviews are some of the most stellar on the internet. This is because they believe in customer service that doesn’t stop until you are satisfied.

While they do specialize in weddings and events in Vancouver, WA, they also create floral arrangements and bouquets for all other special holidays and events as well. They will work with you until you get the arrangement you have been looking for – bells and whistles or something that is a bit more understated.

8. The Flower Express

Credit: The Flower Express

Credit: The Flower Express

If you are looking for floral arrangements in Vancouver, WA that are a little more unique and fun, then you might want to consider going to The Flower Express. They create shapes and thematic arrangements that will fit just about anyone on your gift list. People love to get arrangements that go a little outside of the typical.

This shop does work with 1-800-flowers to take orders online. This means tht you will be able to see the arrangements before you order, allowing you to make an informed decision. It also helps with personalizing the size of your arrangement. If you don’t want to order online, you can go to their retail location to make your own arrangement or talk to a designer.

Watch Your Love Grow with AK Timber Services

If you want to give your love something that may last as long as your love does, consider going with a different type of plant: a tree. Trees show that you are making a commitment to your loved one and you can watch it grow and prosper like your life and family does.

At AK Timber Services, we can help you pick out a type of tree that will work in your yard. We will discuss your needs, the proper positioning of the tree in your yard, and your visual expectations of the tree. From there, we will help you plant it perfectly so that it has the best chance to succeed.

After that, we can help you will all regular tree maintenance.

Header photo courtesy of Sheila Sund on Flickr!