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Announcing: AK Timber Services to Contribute to Washougal Bike Park Skills Course Service Project

By AK Timber Service in News

washougal bike park service projectAt AK Timber Services, LLC, we are excited to make the announcement that we will be involved in the Washougal Bike Park Skills Course. This project will take place in August 2016, and we can’t wait! The first build party will take place August 4-7th, with the hopes of the second party to take place shortly afterwards.

We believe in giving back to the community and our involvement in this project allows us the opportunity to provide the community with something that will keep them enjoying the outdoors for many years to come. We work hard so we can play hard. And we love playing outdoors, especially on our bikes. And we want to share that passion for outdoor play.

Our owner, Aaron Krieger, is personally committed to the project and helping out to ensure the bike park has all the timber related features in its design from day 1. Office staff and work crew will also be pitching in where they can to make sure we can spread the word and that all needed materials are obtained and prepared in time for building.

Aaron has promised that AK Timber Services will donate ALL of the logs needed for the building of the course, and he has also made a promise to operate the saw mill to cut all of the timber as well.

The Washougal Bike Park Skills Course will be made up of challenges ranging from easy to hard and will include log features, kicker ramps, bike stations, roller ramps, bake racks, teeter totters, and more.

All materials and supplies for the Washougal Bike Park Skills Course have been raised thanks to the wonderful donations from residents near and far. The team has also received grants to help fund the project as well.

The project has received all of the boulders needed thanks to Wally Grover, and the Parks Foundation of Clark County has granted a total of $11,000 for the course.

How You Can Help

Here is where we need your help. The project needs to raise money to ensure the park is fully funded and there are no hiccups in the building of the course- a complete course will be much more fun for everyone to ride on than a partial one. As of July 6, the Washougal Bike Park just needs a little over $4,000 to reach its goal.

With the help of the Parks Foundation of Clark County, a donation link has been setup where you can make a donation of any size.

You can visit the donation page by clicking here.

All donations should be made through the website and you can choose the feature you wish to sponsor. Let’s make the new skills course great and raise the money needed to make sure that ALL of the features can be added in August.

Let’s give our community a new bike park course for all to enjoy!