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Why You Should Allow A Professional To Plant Your Trees

By AK Timber in Planting

Planting trees – it seems easy, doesn’t it? It just seems like something that we should all be able to do without help. After all, you can just go to your local big box store, dig a hole in the ground, and then put in the tree, right? You cover it back up, give it some water, and it will grow strong and tall.


Planting a tree is actually an exacting science. There are so many reasons that your trees require a professional touch – and some of the reasons to seek out a professional to plant trees has nothing to do with the tree.

Let’s take a look:

Figuring Out The Best Placement

  • Tree placement can be based on your yard
  • It can also be based on the type of tree you have
  • Usually, it is a combination of the two

Where should you place your tree? So many of us have ideas about where a tree should go in your yard. We have an empty space that needs to be filled, so we think that it needs to be the home for that tree you’ve always pictured. Unfortunately, trees and mother nature often have a different idea of what the best placement for that tree is.

You have to look at so many different things – the amount of sunlight that portion of your yard gets, what the water drainage is like in that area of your yard, how many environmental toxins it will get (such as exhaust fumes from cars), how deep and wide the root systems will go, how far the branches will spread, and many, many other things. You cannot just place a tree somewhere just because you want to do it. According to Trees Are Good, you may even have to reach out to your utility companies to see if you can plant a tree in a specific place.

A professional can look at your yard and tell you where to plant a tree so that it will have the best chance for success.

Pick Trees That Work For Your Yard

  • Some trees just won’t work in your yard
  • Some trees just won’t work in our area
  • Other trees won’t work in one part of your yard, but may work in another

To start picking a tree for your yard, Better Homes & Gardens suggests looking around your neighborhood. If you don’t see anything that you particularly like, you may want to go to your local parks and wooded areas to see the trees that they have successfully grown. From there, you can narrow down trees that will work for you.

A reminder to choose sturdy trees instead of trees that grow quickly. You don’t want to have a tree that is risky in your yard – this is a lifetime relationship, and slow and steady will always win the race.

Once you choose the tree that you want, you may want to look into different varieties. Maybe you want a tree that flowers at a specific time or a tree that doesn’t require a lot of pruning – you can likely find that variety if you do a little research.

Once again, a tree care professional can help you to choose the best trees for your yard. They will be able to advise you based on your individual property, the soil in your yard, and just their own experiences.

Build A Relationship For Ongoing Maintenance

  • Can help to ensure your tree is healthy
  • You know you can trust a specific company
  • Saves you time and effort

If you contact a tree care professional for planting your trees, you are building a relationship for ongoing maintenance. Many of us prefer to work with the same people over and over again, and for good reason. We trust those people who have worked in and around our homes before. We understand that this is a delicate subject – many people don’t like to invite people into their homes. When you forge a relationship early on, you will feel more comfortable with every step of the way.

When someone knows your trees, it is likely that they will get better care, according to Mother Earth News. A tree care professional who knows your trees will be able to intuitively understand that your trees needs, what procedures will work, and how much they can do at a specific time.

Get A Plan For Tree Health

  • Understand what your tree will need
  • Get the help that will make your tree survive
  • Ensure your tree will continue to grow strong and in the right way

How can you ensure that your tree is going to be healthy and actually become a part of your yard? It isn’t going to be an easy thing to discern – you have to know about cabling, watering, fertilizing, and just general tree care.

Watering tends to be the most difficult thing to tackle.

Take it from Family Handy Man: “There’s no magic formula for how much water to give your tree in its first year, so don’t rely on a “rule of thumb” for watering. Too little water can kill a tree. But overwatering in clay soil can cause root rot, which can also kill a tree. You’ll need to water your new tree until the root system is well established. The right amount of water depends on the weather conditions, your soil and the planting site. “

Contact AK Timber Services for all of your tree care needs – we can help you at any stage of the tree process, from planting and taking care of your tree to pruning and cutting it down to watering. Of course, we can also help you with any questions about whether or not you can remove trees or debris from your yard. Call us today at (360) 635-1076 for all of your tree care needs – we offer free estimates. No matter what, make sure that you do not take tree trimming into your own hands, as this can cause quite a bit of damage.

Header photo courtesy of sagesolar on Flickr!