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Winter Tree Care In The Portland Vancouver Area

By AK Timber Service in Blog

Please make it a priority this year to examine your trees right away. It may save you a lot in money and prevent a hassle.

Winter Tree Care In the Portland Vancouver area should be a top priority when the weather turns cold.

We love trees in our area, we are part of the great Northwest. We are known for great rainy seasons, green landscapes and great trees. Most people when they think about the winter in our metro area they think holidays, dressing stylishly warm, avoiding traffic issues,  and the basic household to do lists that make the winter as enjoyable as possible. A common over looked area on the to do list is tree care, and this is why it should be a top priority.

An item of concern if you have trees in your yard is the freezing temperatures that affect tress often starting in the end of November that typically last through February. During the winter season is the most ideal time to trimming and pruning trees. This will allow for optimal health of the trees during the growing season.

Hazards of Trees During the Winter

We do not get a lot of snow fall in our little paradise, but we do get freezing temperatures, massive rain storms, and even freezing rain. If trees are overgrown or not kept up with proper trimming, our beautiful trees can turn into a nightmare. Trees that are heavy with rain and freezing temperatures have a tendency of snapping branches, or causing splits in the trunks. Tree branches snapping open home owners to the possibility of branches falling on roofs or into the side of their homes, causing extensive damage that takes time to repair.

Splits in trunks lead to tree infestation and disease and result in a high price tree removal. It’ll take years to replace that beautiful piece of artwork and shade.

The solution? Proper trimming and pruning.

Not all trimming is alike.

Trimming trees properly is very important. Trimming and pruning when done incorrectly can result in the spread of disease eventually killing the tree. This may or may not be a job for the weekend warrior within you. Calling the experts can avoid some long term and costly hassles, even if it is for some quick advice, you’ll be happy you did.

Extra Bonuses

Having experts like AK Timber come out to examine and trim your trees will take the guess work out of tree care, we know what to look for even in the smallest of details. Our tree care services will maintain a long term healthy tree(s) that will provide the look and shade you love, saving you time, potential stress, and a lot of long term money to prevent replacing the tree(s) or even replacing pieces of your home.

So remember to walk out in your yard, give us a quick call and ensure the health of your trees and safety of your home. Do you need us every year? Not always, every yard is different, and our Arborist will be able to advise you on the most cost effective plan in maintaining your trees. Winter tree care in the Portland Vancouver area became much simpler.